Day 0

Today I’m flying out to Ireland to take a test ride on a Moto Guzzi. In order to give the bike an honest test ride I plan on spending two months riding through northern and central Europe.

I’ll be arriving in Cork Ireland tomorrow morning where I’ll get to lay eyes (and hands) on the bike for the first time. I plan on spending 4 days in Ireland getting the bike and myself ready for the trip.

Then I’ll take a ferry to Cherbourg France and begin riding east to Denmark where I’ll take another ferry to Sweden. Once in Sweden I’ll work my way north until I can’t go north no more and then head south-east through Finland. Originally I had planned on crossing into Russia east of St. Petersburg and then head south-west through Ukraine. My plans have changed (thanks Putin you ass). So instead I’ll make my way to Helsinki where I’ll take another ferry to Estonia. I’ll then ride west through the Balitc States to Poland where I’ll make the decision to go to Ukraine/Moldova/Romania or head directly to Brno in the Czech Republic where I have tickets for the MotoGP race on August 17th. After the MotoGP races I’ll head to Munich to visit my brother and his family and then onto Switzerland and France before taking the last ferry back to Ireland.

I’ll be posting numerous pictures along the way and hope to do a post a day but probably won’t be uploading daily. Anyways that’s all for now and here is the first picture of the trip.


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  1. Lorna

    coolness … I’ll laugh if this allows ‘blink’ tags ;-)


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