Day 3 – Kinsale Ireland

Today was a good day. I got the Guzzi out for a 200 mile ride around the countryside of southern Ireland including part of the Ring of Kerry. The countryside is beautiful but the weather goes from sun to cold and rainy about every 15 minutes. Norway really? Southern Spain was calling me during the cold wet portions of the ride.

The bike runs well but 4th gear makes a significant amount of noise compared to the other gears. I did confirm that the heated grips work during the cold and wet portions of the ride.

Four more riders showed up at Motofeirme and I’m currently writing this up sitting around a camp fire while everyone is telling stories of their past and future adventures.

There are no Guzzi dealers in Ireland but there are two in Cherbourg where I’ll be in a few days so I’ll be stopping by there to pick up some oil filters and have the bike checked out.


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