Day 27 – Sodankyla Finland

Day 27

Tana bru Norway – Sodankyla Finland

Started my day by planning my route into Finland and then executing it. Came across a little snag when I was about to turn off the E6 and noticed the sign said Murmansk. I double checked my map and it occurred to me that Rossija probably wasn’t Norwegian for Finland. I was tempted to ride to the border and moon the guards but decided discretion was the better part of Valor.

So I made my way into Finland and all of a sudden the skies turned from grey to blue and I was on a wonderful twisty road. A-ha I thought, everyone was wrong about Finland being boring as well.

Then I made my way onto the E75. Pine trees, more pine trees, a lake, pine trees, reindeer, pine trees, pine trees, more reindeer, another lake, pine trees….. repeat ad nauseam. It’s not in anyway unpleasant and certainly beats riding in New Jersey but it does get a bit repetitive. Also all the pretty service station girls have been replaced by grumpy old men. I’ve asked a few people what I should see in Finland and have gotten either blank stares in return or have been told to go to Sweden or Norway.

My GPS says it’s 960 kilometers to Helsinki. I think tomorrow might be a long day.


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