Day 29 – Talinn Estonia

Day 29

Mankila Finland – Talinn Estonia

I’m back, I’m back in the former USSR. (Actually I’m writing this from the ferry but I’ll be in the former USSR in an hour our so.)

Today was the opposite of yesterday with blue skies and sunshine. Various reports said that yesterday’s storms were the worst in years!

Timo cooked me up a huge English breakfast and Markku who had told me “No Worries” the previous day showed up as well.

With a soul and body cleansed by the magical powers of the smoke sauna, I slowly gathered my mostly dry belongings and bid farewell to Timo.

Other than the fact that my GPS has started flaking out after yesterday’s rain this was an uneventful day. I arrived in Helsinki around 9 pm and rode around in circles for about an hour as my GPS refuses to stay on. I finally made it the ferry terminal where I met a scooter rider also heading to Talinn. He speaks German and Russian and I speak English and French. I think we have all the bases covered except for communicating with each other. None the less we managed to agree to share a room in a hostel in Talinn.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the former USSR in the morning.


  1. Dillon

    So, you decided not to go the the Hog rally hunh? It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t traveling with you in Finland. It is nice when you find out that your first impressions about someone or something are completely wrong in a good way.


    1. I can’t imagine why it’s a good thing that you’re not traveling with me. Would you have insisted we go to the HOG rally?

      1. Dillon

        Absolutely, you know how much I always wanted to own a HD cruiser. They really fit my style of riding. Hugh, if there is one thing I can say about you is that you know how to enjoy life. I respect that.


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