Day 30 – Tallinn Estonia

Day 30

Tallinn Estonia

As Willy said with a bit difficulty “Today is a holiday from motorcycles”.

Willy headed into town while I updated my blog and then I took a walk to admire the Soviet architecture and possibly find a replacement for my GPS. Honestly the Estonian girls shorts are so short that you hardly notice the large mostly grey and completely devoid of charm apartment buildings.

After locating a possible replacement for my GPS I took a bus to the town center to visit the Old Town of Tallinn but I missed my stop and ended up riding the bus to the end of it’s line which was right by our Hostel. I thought that was pretty convenient. Should make it easy to get back anyway.

My next bus took me to the old town and I spent the day admiring Medieval Tallinn. It’s quite impressive and definitely worth a visit. On leaving Old Town I got back on the same numbered bus I took to get into town but soon realized it was going in the wrong direction. So I hopped off the bus tried to make heads or tails of the routing maps and got on another bus which I though was heading back to the neighborhood of the Hostel. No luck and I ended up riding that bus to the end of the line which is in an area off of the tourist maps. With the help of a young local I finally figured out which bus I needed and got back to the hostel. I wouldn’t say it was fun exactly but I got to see a lot of Tallinn.

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  1. Terry

    Beautiful. And a hurdy gurdy player! Don’t see many of those around here.


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