Day 31 – Viljandi Estonia

Day 31

Tallinn Estonia – Viljandi Estonia

This morning my GPS refused to turn on so I went an picked up a TomTom GPS at the store I found yesterday. When I hooked it up to my bike my UPS plug had stopped working so I now had two non functioning GPS units. Though I should be able to get the TomTom working as soon as I can charge the battery.

While I was in the old town of Talinn I asked the waitress at restaurant I ate at what I should see in Estonia. She mentioned the town of Viljandi and the south east region of the country as areas worth visiting. I bought a rather large map of the Baltic States and looking at the map Viljandi seemed quite a ways away. It wasn’t. It’s just a large map of a small country. This is actually for the best as I’m needing a new rear tire for the Guzzi and I can start looking for one tomorrow.

The town of Viljandi is very picturesque and is a cultural center of Estonia with outdoor theatres and museums and the ruins of an old castle built by the crusaders.

The route between Talinn and Viljandi is called the Green Way and is also very pleasant but nothing really remarkable enough to stop and take a picture of.

Tomorrow I’ll concentrate on finding a tire for the bike and a barber. I’m starting to look a little shaggy.

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