Day 32 – Riga Latvia

Day 32

Viljandi Estonia – Riga Latvia

I didn’t find a tire in Viljandi so I started making my way towards Riga down some dirt roads through the pastorial Estonian countryside. I was really enjoying cruising down this deserted dirt road which I had all to myself when I saw the sign for the Latvian border. So I stgopped to take a picture and two tractor trailers come barrelling by raising huge clouds of dust. So much for having the road to myself.

The ride to Riga was uneventful and I found a coffee shop with wi-fi so I could locate a hotel/hostel and get the numbers of all the bike shops in town. I ended up picking the Keizarmezs Sport Hotel for all of 25 euros a night. About the same price I paid when camping in western europe.

This is a really strange hotel with basketball courts, racquet ball courts, and whole slew of other sporting activities which don’t interest me in the slightest. I asked the recptionist how old the hotel was thinking it might be some sort of formet Soviet Youth camp or something but it turns out it’s only 15 years old and used to be the training center for a professional “football” team. In addition to all the indoor sporting activities there are 3 soccer fields next to the property. More importantly there was also a salon attached so I’m no longer shaggy and I even got my freshly shorn scalp massaged (oooh tingly).

I called around to all the dealerships to locate a tire without luck so I checked on the Moto Guzzi Latvia site and called the dealer listed there. While they don’t have a tire they can have one tomorrow so baby is gonna get a new shoe. They won’t be able to get the tire until the afternoon so it looks like I’ll be spending the whole day in Riga.


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  1. Dillon

    That house is pretty busy. It’s gonna stand out like a soar thumb. I wonder what the neighbors think? I’m sure the owners don’t gaf.


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