Day 33 – Riga Latvia

Day 33

Riga Latvia

Since my appointment at the bike shop wasn’t till 3pm I headed into town in the morning to see what there was to see. I though of doing a walking tour of Old Riga but sleeping in a sports hotel was about all the physical activity I was up for so I ended taking a little tourist bus/trolley thing around. It was OK but I’m kind of burned out on ancient Baltic history having been in Viljandi the day before and Old Town Tallinn the day before than and honestly Tallinn was more interesting but there did seem to be more Soviet era monuments in Riga. I think I was too concerned with getting baby a new pair of shoes to really enjoy my time downtown. If baby aint happy aint nobody happy.

I still had three hours to kill before thinking of heading to the bike shop so I found a cafe with some shade and spent some quality time with my buddy Steinbeck, dreaming of sailing the Spanish main (No matter where you go there you are).

It turns out the Guzzi service center in Riga is a Harley Davidson/Suzuki dealership. A strange combination but they did me right and I was able to pick up a 12v power source for my new GPS so I’m back in business and ready to ride!

I’ve got to 10 days till I want to be in Brno for the MotoGP so I don’t think I’ll be making it to the Ukraine.



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