Day 34 – Lomza Poland

Day 34

Riga Latvia – Lomza Poland

So the previous evening I headed into old town Riga to try and find some Jazz clubs. The two clubs I found on the internet were closed (damn lying internet), so I ended up going to an Indian restaurant for dinner.

Today I woke up feeling that I was on the first day of a three day hangover. Riga is a nice enough town but don’t eat the Indian food!

I made my way out of Latvia on some boring roads and across Lithuania on similarly boring roads. Things only got worse in Poland. Poland doesn’t seem to have any highways as we would know them so normal roads are chock full of tractor trailers. Passing them is almost a Sissyphean task as it doesn’t matter how many you pass there are always more in front of you. Having a headache and stomach cramps didn’t help my mood.

I was going to try and make it all the way to Warsaw but my condition didn’t improve as the day went on so I ended up stopping in Lomza where I had a very uncomfortable night.

In other news the Guzzi is honking merilly along happy as a clam (Oh clam s -Gurgle- got to go).

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  1. Dillon

    I hope you feel better hugh. Just keep mofoing them!


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