Day 4 – Kinsale Ireland

This day got to a late start since we were hanging around the fire till past two in the morning. It didn’t seem that late since it doesn’t get dark till 11pm.

The day also started out particularly grey and foreboding so I just hung around Martin’s farm till the skies cleared up and then I made my to Cobh which is said to be the last stop of the Titanic. I pointed out that it was the second to last stop of the Titanic to no great acclaim.

Cobh is a nice enough town but it lacks the charm of Kinsale. The most obvious impressive feature of Cobh is it’s Cathedral which I wandered around for a bit. The less obvious impressive feature of Cobh is that it is the second deepest natural port in the world after Sydney.

In the evening Canadian Mike and Canadian Steve and I did a little tour of the beaches and headed to Kinsale for a little live music.

Tomorrow I’ll be riding to Rosslare to take the ferry to “La Belle France”.

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