Day 39 – Somewhere in Romania

Day 39

Kiev Ukraine – Somewhere in Romania

I had spent enough time wandering around large cities in the past week and the Maidan was the reason I went to Kiev so I headed out of town in the morning and my way towards Romania.

I asked TT for the quickest route to Cluj-Napoca Romania and started riding. The first part of the day was on the same highway I made my way to Kiev on, but early in the afternoon I got off the main road and started making my way south. I kept expecting the roads to turn into the hellish cratered moonscape I experienced two nights ago but while I did ride on some bad roads it was nothing as bad as that was. The Western Ukrainian countryside with with rolling farmland is really quite pretty. It’s a shame the roads are in such poor shape. I passed a road crew filling in some of the larger potholes with gravel and gave them a thumbs up as I went past. I’m pretty sure they had no idea what that was about.

I made my way to border around 6:30 pm and it was around 8 pm by the time I got into Romania. As the sun was setting I saw I was approaching some actual hills which will make a nice change from the flat lands I’ve been riding since Finland. You could definitely also see a rapid change in the architecture and people as I crossed the border so I’m looking forward to see what tomorrow brings.

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