Day 42 – Budapest Hungary

Day 42

Budapest Hungary

It raining and cold. Looks like I’ll be staying in Budapest another day. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in my apartment so I found a hostel only a few blocks away. I was told the hostel was above a night club but since they roll up the sidewalks at midnight this shouldn’t be a problem.

In order to pass the time I took a free walking tour of the city. It was rather excellent except for the fact that it was chilly and raining and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirts with no hat. I did discover that my tank bag makes for more than passable hat and the fleece bottom adheres quite nicely to my stubbly pate and kept it quite warm. It even stayed in place when I slipped on the wet slimy stone stairs coming down from one of the Buda hills. It also had the added benefit of bringing a smile to faces of all and sundry.

Some of the things I learned on the tour are: The Hungarians invented the color tv, the flat panel tv, and the telephone switchboard. The last is the reason everyone says ‘Hello’ when they answer the phone, it’s actually Hungarian for ‘Can you hear me’. The most interesting I learned is that the Replicants in the movie ‘Blade Runner’ all speak Hungarian to each other.

After spending all afternoon walking around in the rain I returned to my hostel for a nap and then went out for some grub and then went back to the hostel for a good nights sleep before heading to Brno in the morning.

The night club below my hostel was a dance club and the main dance floor was in the courtyard. I really couldn’t tell much of a difference in the sound levels on the dance floor or in my room. Did I say they rolled up the sidewalks at midnight? This club was open till 5AM. OMG Boom–Boom-Boom. Even my ear plugs didn’t do much to deafen the noise. So much for getting a good nights sleep.

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