Day 43 – Brno Czech Republic

Day 43

Budapest Hungary – Brno Czech Republic

I took a bit of roundabout route to get to Brno in order to avoid the more heavily trafficked roads and to see more of the countryside. Some of the Hungarian and Slovakian countryside was really beautiful with tiny twisty roads. I really wanted to take a picture for you but when I pulled out my camera it was dead. I guess the walk about in Budapest the previous day was more than it could take. Technically the camera still works. You can hit the button and take a picture but the display is dead so you really don’t know what you’re taking a picture of. At this point it’s just a fancy and rather expensive doorstop.

While still in Hungary and riding up to Brno I spotted a bike in front of me and at first I thought it was a POS Harley but as I got closer I realized it was a POS Guzzi. Since we were both going the same way we rode together for a few hours. I really find it useful to have a local rider lead the way since I never know exactly what the rules are in a given country. We stopped and chatted about the joys of Guzzi ownership. He’s owned his Guzzi for 14 years. I figured he must have really loved it but he said it was just that he had gotten to used to it’s eccentricities to get rid of it.

Later in the day I started following a rider on a new Honda CB1000. We stopped at a gas station together but he couldn’t speak any English so he ended up calling one of his friends on his cell phone who spoke English to act as a translator. Totally unnecessary since we managed to communicate the essentials without a translator but pretty nice.

When I reached Brno I wasn’t sure I was in the right town as I didn’t see any advertisements or many bikes on the street but when I reached my hostel the parking lot was lined with bikes so it looks like I’m in the right town after all.

I futzed with my camera for a bit and then took a ride into town to pick up another camera (cry, there goes all my hookers and blow money). I’ll find out tomorrow when I head to the track if it was money well spent.

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