Days 44-45 – Brno Czech Republic

Days 44-45

Brno Czech Republic

I spent Saturday at the at the race track watching practice and qualifying with a few hundred thousand members of my tribe. Brno is a beautiful circuit but damn is it hilly which makes getting around the track quite a bit of a pain. Saturday was mostly uneventful until Rossi crashed and injured his hand.

I tried to arrive at the track early on Sunday but even getting there at 9am was too late to get a seat in the best viewing areas. I tried to my make my way to different locations on Sunday so that all the pictures wouldn’t look the same but with the hills and 200k+ fans in attendance it wasn’t easy. The only other MotoGP race I’ve attended was at Indy and while getting around at Indy is much easier the atmosphere at Brno was fantastic.

The Moto3 race was awesome as usual  with over a dozen bikes fighting for the lead on every lap. Moto2 hasn’t been nearly as good this year as in past years and this race wasn’t much different.

The MotoGP race had lots of early drama and the high point of the race  was definitely seeing Rossi pass and then gap Marquez for the final podium position. It looked like Lorenzo was closing on Pedrossa but it was too little too late.

Getting out of Brno was surprising easy and I made to with 300 kilometers of Munich before stopping through the night. Again I managed to take numerous secondary roads and the riding in the south of the Czech republic is quite excellent.



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