Day 47 – Munich Germany

Day 47

Munich Germany

Today my brother asked me if I would like to go on a bicycle tour of a few of the sites in Munich. Like any rational motorcyclist when offered the chance to ride a bicycle I asked if I could be stabbed in the face with an icepick instead. Unfortunately my brother has a lot of bicycles but no icepicks so of on the torture cycles we went.

We first made our way through the English Garden which is a huge park that runs through the center of Munich to the BMW museum.

The BMW museum is very impressive and both for it’s collections and the buildings that house them. One of the interesting thing about the museum is that there is a mysterious long escalator leading way up into the museum with a spiral walk way running down along the length of it. You can’t see anything along the walk ways to indicate what it is that’s displayed up there. It turns out the escalator leads to a Rolls-Royce museum which is now owned by BMW (Bentley is owned by VW, and Jaguar is owned by TaTa (the sun has set on that empire)).

I was so impressed by the BMW museum that I had almost overcome my distaste at everything related to Bavarian Manure Wagons (sorry Bruce & Wendy) when I swung my leg over a F800GS and jammed my knew into a very large very inappropriately placed bolt. What sadistic engineer places a bolt directly in the way of a kneecap? A BMW engineer that’s who! Guzzi’s FTMFW !!!

After that pleasant experience we made our way to the Olympic Park and took a ride up the TV tower for scenic view of the entire city.

Then we got back on the torture cycles and pedaled over to the Nymphenburg Castle which was the summer residence of the ruling family of Bavaria. It also includes a French Garden lined with statues of the Greek gods. The difference between a French Garden and an English Garden is an English Garden is much more wild and thus requires less maintenance. You can see why the latter would be preferred by the industrious Germans (they use sheep to mow the grass in the English Garden. Slackers!).

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