Day 5 – Celtic Sea

Kinsale -> Rosslare -> Somewhere on the water

Today I packed up my bike and bid a fond adieu to the crew at Motofeirme.

I didn’t take too many pictures on the ride to Rosslare as I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the Ferry which is about the only mandatory portion of my itinerary. I did have to stop to take a picture of a tall ship since everyone loves tall ships. Well maybe not everyone, but if you don’t love tall ships you’re probably a communist.

I made the ferry with a half hour to spare and it’s an impressive ship with at least 3 restaurants and as many bars. It also seems to be moving at quite a rapid clip. While the seas are calm you can still feel the swell and I hope my chicken curry doesn’t come back up. It didn’t taste that good the first time!

The next update should be from the continent or the bottom of the sea (Probably shouldn’t make Titanic jokes before boarding a ship).






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  1. Dillon

    The room on the ship looks like a jail cell with a TV. As guess something is better than nothing.


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