Days 48-49 – Munich Germany

Days 48-49

Munich Germany

On Wednesday I spent the morning changing the oil on the Guzzi and removing the center stand.

As soon as I was done my brother Allen, his wife Juliana, and my niece Frieda decided to take a long march to the Deutche Museum across the length of the English Gardens in the rain. Along the way we stopped at the Chinese tower for a refreshment and a little oompa music. We then stopped to watch the surfers. That’s correct they surf in Munich on a single standing wave. We arrived at the Deutsche Museum around 4:45 to find out it closes at 5pm. Normally I would use this opportunity to mock the Germans lack of work ethic but the Smithsonian back home closes at 5pm also so I guess it’s just an international conspiracy by state run museums to make sure locals can’t visit them. Allen, Freida and I then made our way to the center of Munich and then off to a yuppie Bavarian restaurant for some tasty grub. We didn’t go to a traditional Bavarian restaurant because while the Bavarian beer is excellent the traditional food leaves a bit to be desired.

On Thursday morning Allen and I went back to the Deutsche Museum and then we went to the Max Plank where he works for a tour of the facilities and the experiments he’s working on. He gave me a detailed explanation but it mostly went in one ear and out the other. I do recall that it had something to do with using Plasma and Lasers to raise the energy state in super colliders and if it works it could reduce the length of super colliders by two orders of magnitude.

My brother had to work in the afternoon so I spent the time getting the Guzzi ready for departure the following day and then I went for another walk in the English Gardens. This time in sunshine. The English Gardens are really fantastic and my brother’s home abuts them and it’s a 5 minute walk to his work so he lives in an ideal location.


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