Day 6 – Carentan France

Somewhere at Sea to Carentan, France

I had been hoping to update the blog from the ferry since they advertised fee wifi but the connectin was so slow as to be useless. Other than that and the horrible soccer game the trip to Cherbourg was uneventful.

Once in Cherbourg I stopped by the first mall I saw to pick up a power adapter and the first person I spoke to other then the customs was a waiter. A rude waiter. Way to live up to the sterotype there buddy. Other than the waiter everyone I’ve spoken to has been very friendly and helpful.

I then made my way to the Guzzi dealearship in Carentan where I told them about the my howling 4th gear. There were a lot sad looks and shaking of heads and prophecies of doom. They added some magic liquid to the gearbox which may alleviate the howling. I’m hoping it’s the magic spray they use on soccer players that writhing in pain one moment and hop like nothing happened the next.

Carentan is a beautiful town and full of D-Day 70th anniversary displays. It also doesn’t rain every 15 minutes is a bit warmer than Ireland.

Anyway I’m now chowing down on moule-frite while my silly english boots are getting repaired.

If you’re religious feel free to pray for my transmission. If you’re not religious feel free to send lawyers, guns, and money.

Now I’m off to find someplace to camp.


  1. Terry

    Thanks for the posts and pictures, Hugh. It is great fun to follow your trip! Hope all repairs are/were successful.

  2. Ted

    Hugh, Great posts. I hope all remains well with the trans, maybe you can short shift around fourth. Camping?

    And you are now back on the right side of the road!

    1. Dillon

      Looks like a nice motorcycle shop. Hey do you want me to call Fronline Eurosports of Va. and have them give that shop some advice on fixing a bike while on a road trip……hey it worked for me. Hopefully you will get the same kind of service and good news on you Guzzi. Did you eat that food?…Looks tasty.


    Thanks all.

    I’m still trying to schedule a Guzzi dealer to open the transmission. Being middle of summer the moto dealers have full schedule.

    I love moule frite. None were wasted.

  4. Lorna

    As I ready myself for sleep I am feeling glad to know you’re on an adventure and I get to eavesdrop by way of your posts. Thanks! Have a grand days out!


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