Day 51 – Trieste Italy

Day 51

Spittal An Der Drau Austria – Trieste Italy

The day started off gray but at least it wasn’t raining. That lasted about 1/2 an hour. When the rain started I determined to stop at the first motorcycle shop I saw and pick up some dedicated rain gear. I mean fool me once shame on you. Fool me half a dozen times and even I can get the hint! Fortunately I spotted a shop almost immediately and picked up a “100% waterproof” rain suit. The problem with “100% waterproof” rain gear is that it will keep you dry it doesn’t breathe at all so parts of you tend to get rather moist and it isn’t from moisture coming from the outside. The other issue is that wearing the rain-suit on top of your riding gear really restricts my movement both of my body and more importantly the ability to turn my head. Nonetheless it was a great improvement over being soaking wet. Riding in the rain still sucks but it sucks less when you’re dry.

I made my way due south from Austria through Slovenia and stopped for lunch in Kranj. Then I pointed the Guzzi west towards Italy.

The rain lasted for most of the day and didn’t let up till I approached Trieste so I didn’t take any pictures with my new camera. I already sacrificed my fancy camera and I don’t want to end up buying a third one.

My passage across the Alps was a bit of a washout but it was still memorable. Hopefully when I recross them in Switzerland the weather will be more cooperative. I checked the weather while in Trieste and the next two days should be bright and sunny.

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