Day 53 – Localita Malnago Italy

Day 53

Localita Malnago Italy

Well the weather man lied to me again and I woke up to a heavy rain which didn’t let up till 3pm.

Once it did let up I made my to Mondello del Lario to visit the Guzzi factory and museum only to find it was closed. In the best of times the museum is only open for 2 hours a day. The best of times apparently doesn’t include the entire month of August. It makes sense though, after all who would possibly be on vacation in the month of August and might want to visit the Moto Guzzi museum? Well no obviously, no one except for EVERYONE IN WESTERN EUROPE! (and me)

I know I’ve ragged on the Germans for being a bunch of slackers but in truth they are a very industrious people …… compared to the Italians. Grrr.

After I left the factory I ran across the Retro Guzzi ( shop which was almost like a museum. I think the place is run by two brothers but the brother that speaks English was off riding his retro sidecar rig and racing Nortons. Or something, I don’t speak Italian.

I spent the rest of the afternoon riding up and down Lake Como and hanging out at a lakeside cafe watching the people go by.

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