Day 55 – Chur Switzerland

Day 55

Mandello del Lario Italy – Chur Switzerland

This morning I woke to something I thought I would never see. The sun shining over Lake Como. I got packed up as quickly as possible and made my way to the Stelvio Pass.

On the way up the Stelvio Pass I stopped and made friends with a Spanish rider who informed me if ever went to Spain he would have bikes for me to ride. He told me he often went to the States and rented
Harleys I told him if he came to Virginia I would let him ride a real American Motorcycle aka my Victory.

The two of us made our up the Stelvio and as we got close to the summit it started raining Grrrr. We parted ways at the top of Stelvio and I made my way back down a few kilometers to the route leading to Saint Moritz. As I headed to Saint Moritz the rain stopped and the roads dried out for the rest of the day.

It was a bit of a struggle to finally ride through the Alps on a sunny day but it was worth it. The views and riding were spectacular and traffic was surprisingly light. I would guess that close to half the traffic in the Alps are motorcycles as well.

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