Day 56 – Paray-Le-Monial France

Day 56

Chur Switzerland – Paray-Le-Monial France

Today I rode through more spectacular Alpine passes from Chur to Andermott and then to Burne.

I’m glad I removed my center-stand back in Munich because it definitely improved my cornering clearance. However today I discovered that the first thing to touch down on the left side was now the side-stand so I just resigned myself to slowing down a bit.

Today I also stopped at 4 different motorcycle dealerships looking for a front tire for the bike without luck. Two of them were Guzzi dealerships. I arrived at the Guzzi dealer in Berne around 2:30 pm they suggested that I could leave the bike with them the next morning and pick it up in the evening. Why do motorcycle dealerships suck so much? You would think if you were a dealer you’ld have the decency to stock common parts for the vehicles you sell. Obviously I’m expecting to much. Staying in Berne and extra day was a no go as I want to be in Vezac France tomorrow night for the Guzzi rendezvous.

I must admit as awesome as the scenery was in Switzerland it’s good to be back in “La Belle France”. It’s the only country I’ve been in where I have a chance or understanding what anyone is saying and that includes Ireland. The Irish can definitely make themselves understood but it takes special effort on their part. Another nice thing is that as soon as I crossed the border form Switzerland the motorcyclists all started riding like loons again. Switzerland is big on following the rules.

I spotted a small independent motorcycle shop in the little town I’m staying in tonight so I’ll try my luck in finding a tire there tomorrow.

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