Day 57 – Vezac France

Day 57

Paray-Le-Monial France – Vezac France

Today was an awesome day.

So after breaking camp I headed to the little independent bike shop in this small town and asked if they had anty tires in the odd ball size my Guzzi uses. The proprieter goes in the back and rummages around for about a minute and comes back asking if I want a Dunlop or Continental tire! My jaw almost hit the floor. He then immediately proceeds to start mounting the tire. No need to leave the bike in the morning and pick it up in the evening for a 20 minute job like at a dealership. I after he mounted and I paid for the tire he then asked me if I wanted him to fix my broken brake lever. He didn’t want to take any money for the extra work but I forced 20 euros on him.

For the last 9000 miles my head had horrible head shake if I let go of the handle bars. It was so bad I’m pretty sure it would develop into a full blown tank slapper if I didn’t grab hold of the bars. With the new correctly balanced tire 99.99% of the head shake is gone. I can let go of the bars at 60mph and slow down to falling over speeds with only the slightest wiggle of the bars around 45 mph.

I then started making my way towards the Vezac. Even though I told my moronic little friend TT to avoid hightways I was still being routed down a 4 lane divided highway. I then told TT to take me on the bicycle route and was rewarded by being sent down narrow little roads through the French countryside. Part of the route included dirt roads and I even had to do an ~18″ deep water crossing. I guess now it’s an official adventure ride. I also got routed down a lot of great twisting two lanes roads. While most of the day was gray and chilly it never did more then sprinkle and around 5pm the Sun finally broke through the clouds.

Around 7 pm I made it the location of the Guzzi rendezvous which was being held at a moto specific campsite called Les Relais Moto. After introductions and refreshments were consumed we all sat down to a four course meal lasting many hours.

The day consisted of great service, great riding, great company, and great food. Truly a great day.


  1. peyruque

    hello hugh, c’est le petit gars en 1200 sport à Vézac. heureux d’avoir fait ta connaissance et toutes mes félicitations pour ce périple. On a pu voir une autre facette de l’Amérique, loin du cliché des séries qui saturent nos chaines. Mais toujours aventureux, à l’image des premiers arrivés sur ce continent.

  2. Olivier 34

    Hi Hugh , what about your trip in Paris ? Do you find the restaurants ? Where are you now ?


      I didn’t find the restaurants. I asked directions but I think I asked another tourist and was sent in the wrong direction. I’m sitting in Heathrow airport at the moment waiting for my flight home.

      1. Olivier 34

        Good flight home . May be i’ll see you next year in u.s.

  3. Lologuzzi

    Hello Hugh

    I’m glad to have met you the great traveler :)
    Are you ready to come back to the USA?
    Can you send me a link to the pictures of the nice 500 CX you showed me last saturday?


      Olivier should have sent you the link. If you’re on Facebook my friend’s shop is called Motorelic and you should be able to find more pictures of the CX 500 there as well as his latest projects.

      No I’m not really ready to go back to the USA but duty calls.


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