Day 58 – Vezac France

Day 58

Vezac France and environs

The day started with a contintental breakfast and then we slowly formed up for the ‘balade’. It took a while to get all 20+ ready to go which was fine with since dinner the previous night lasted till well past midnight.

We rode down various winding country roads to an old midevil town where we took a ‘quick’ break and headed off to the lunch location. Lunch was another 4 course affair lasting a few hours. At lunch we
were joined by Jean and Evelyne who I had met in Madelo del Lario. After lunch I attempted to follow (I’m going to get the names wrong) Olivier and Laurent on their cafe racers so I could get some pictures with my helmet cam but they dropped me like a bad habit in short order (actually I think they would be more likely to celebrate their bad habits then drop them). I dropped to the back of the group ‘des fou’ and followed them to our next stop where we waited for the rest of the group to show up, and we waited and waited and waited but they never showed up. So the group continued on and I followd Jean and Clemento to the next meeting location where everyone failed to show including the rest of ‘le fou’ we hung out for a bit then made our way back to the campsite where everyone was waiting for us already enjoying refreshments.

We all enjoyed refreshements and good conversation for a few hours and then it was time for dinner which was another 4 course meal (or was it 5?) with lots of wine lasting till midnight or later. I then brought out my Jambox which they all thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread and we ended up hanging out till about 1:30 in the morning.

Another great day.

And now some pictures from my helmet cam. I’m too lazy to caption any of them. I’m still two days behind on my blogging! :cry


  1. Hy Hugues,

    Ravi que ce week-end en Dordogne et avec d’affreux guzzistes t’aies plu !

    Best regards – Doumé ;)

  2. Jean-Yves

    Hi Hugh !

    Tu dois être rentré à Washington DC maintenant. Très content d’avoir fait ta connaissance et d’avoir passé ces bons moments ensemble.
    Quelque fois une petite chute favorise le hasard !
    Est ce que tu portes le béret ?
    See you later,
    Jean-Yves et Evelyne

    1. Hugh Caldwell

      I can barely read French and have no hope of writing in it so I’ll respond in English.

      Yes I’m back in DC and back at work. The first week and a half where quite hard but I’m back in the swing of things.

      I’ve worn the beret a few times since I’ve been back. I plan on using it as my moto riding hat. As in I’ll carry it with me when I’m moto riding as it takes very little room and I’ll have a hat to either keep my head warm or keep the sun off of it.


      1. Jean-Yves

        Hello Hugh !

        It’s also difficult for me to write in english, but I’ll try (whith google’s translation help !)

        The beret is actually easy to carry and convenient for motorcycle hat. Good idea for long trips !

        I also returned to work with already regret for the holidays motorcycling …

        Bon courage et à un de ces jours !


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