Day 59 – half way to Paris France

Day 59

Vezac France – half way to Paris France

This morning the group headed out another group ride. Since I was up till 1:30 I hung out a bit later and rolled out with Jean and a few other laggards. We first made our way to the same town where
everyone failed to show up the previous day (they showed up today) and then we headed off to our lunch stop which was a picnic. Yes, it was a 4 course picnic. They don’t do things half-way.

BTW two nights of camping with two continental breakfasts, two four (or five) course meals with more wine then a Gaggle of thirsty French bikers could drink, and a four course picnic cost 59 euros. I heartily recommend Les Relais Moto.

Earlier in the day I had given Jean my Nicky Hayden hat which I had picked up at Brno as a souvenir of our encounter and at the lunch stop he gave me a beret emblazoned with the name of a rock band from the
southern part of France where he lives. He told me to wear in Paris and gave me instructions on the proper way to do so so I that I couldn’t possibly be mistaken for a Parisian.

After lunch I bid everyone a fond farewell and invited them to visit me in Virginia but not all at the same time!

I then asked that little moron TT to take me on the cyclist route to Paris and it again routed me on some dirt roads. I double checked the settings to make sure that I had told it to avoid dirt roads but it’s as capable of doing that as avoiding highways. After a while the roads got progressively worse so I just started taking the direct route to Paris. This whole region of France is full of great roads so the riding was excellent.

I’ve got to say that meeting up with group was an excellent way to top off what has been a fantastic ride.

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  1. Geoffroy

    It was also a pleasure to meet you, and ride with you. You are welcome : )


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