Day 60 – Paris France

Day 60

Halfway to Paris – Paris France

The rest of the ride to Paris was pretty uneventful. The countryside got progressively flatter and the roads less interesting as I approached Paris but the small towns still maintained all of their charm. As I approached the highways around Paris traffic starting backing up and that’s when I remembered that it’s OK to ride like a loon in France. Actually I was reminded of this by the lane splitting bikers that went zipping past me. Naturally I followed suit and made my way into Paris without much delay.

Riding in Paris is interesting to say the least. I’m sure I could get used to it with time but swerving in between cars and passing them on the inside in traffic circles was a bit nerve wracking. Once I found my hotel I decided I would leave my motorcycle parked until it was time to head to Cherbourg.

After getting checked in I took a quick tour around the block and then spent a few hours updataing my blog at a streetside cafe. I made sure to wear my ‘The Inspector Clousea’ beret so no one would mistake me for a Parisian.

With that out of the way I went for a walk and found my way to the Eiffel Tower. I then proceeded to get myself turned around and ended walking the back streets of Paris for a few hours. I didn’t bring my old man glasses with me (aka reading glasses) so my tourist map and the various subway station maps weren’t much help. I finally found some Gendarmes who directed me back to the Seine River which allowed me to regain my bearings.

I had been meaning to make my way to the birthplace of my favorite babe but I ran out of time but I randomly ran across her statue on my way back to the hotel so I took that as a good sign. I made it back to my hotel at about 1:30 in the morning after heading out at around 8pm.

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