Day 62 – Celtic Sea

Day 62

Paris France – Somewhere at Sea

Today my only concern was making it to Cherbourg in time to catch the ferry back to Ireland. I took the quickest route which avoided toll roads and expected to be riding on highways the whole way. I did ride highways for the first 80 miles or so but fortunately for the next 50 I got routed down some nice sweeping country roads through some rolling hills. It was a nice way to up riding on the continent.

As I approached Cherbourg I started seeing the signs of the 70 year remembrance of the Normandy Invasion and then I saw signs for Carrentan which is where I spent my first night on the mainland and where I visited my first Guzzi dealership. Since I was making good time I made my way the Guzzi dealership where they remembered me and I showed them the 4th gear which they were unwilling to fix. I’ve got say of all the Guzzi dealers which sucked they sucked the least. I then made my way to same restaurant I was at two months ago for more moule-frite but I was out of luck so I had to settle for some crepe contraption before getting back on the bike and getting on the boat.

Same boat as last time just going in the opposite direction with a lot fewer people on board. Tomorrow I’ll take my last ride on the (formerly recalcitrant) Guzzi down to Kinsale.


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