Day 63 – Kinsale Ireland

Day 63

Somewhere at sea – Kinsale Ireland

Other than a quick stop for gas I just rode straight from the ferry to Motofeirme in Kinsale to drop off the bike. While Mike the Canadian was gone on his own adventure I hung out with a brother and sister from Holland who plan on staying there for the next couple of years. Martin also has a Czech lodger and his Slovakian friend showed up so my last evening was another international affair with 5 nationalities being represented around the campfire.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking the early flight back to Mordor so this is the last post of this ride report. It’s been a great trip and everything that went wrong turned out to be for the best, starting with getting my flight delayed leaving Washington which put me on the same plane as another traveler heading to Motofeirme to dumping the bike twice in one day which allowed me to meet Jean and Evelyne and spend my final weekend with a whole gaggle of Guzzi nuts. In all I rode approx 10,600 miles through 22 countries. This is my 4th extended moto adventure and I can say that without a doubt it has been the best.

Before this trip began I was sure that my next ‘forever’ bike was going to be Ducati Hypermotard 796. It has excellent handling, gas mileage, the right amount of power for the street, and funky cool looks. However of late it’s come to my attention that I’m too much of a hip-cat to ride anything as pedestrian as a Ducati (or I’m suffering from Stockholm syndrome and I didn’t even visit Stockholm). So my next ride will probably be a Moto Guzzi Griso. Sure it’s a bit of a fat pig, but its got tons of character, is sexy as hell, and loves to rail in twisties. Hmmm sounds like someone I know. ;p

Well that’s it for this trip, hopefully I’ll be talking at you in 3 years or so from a land where the women glow and the men plunder.



  1. Ted

    Thanks for the blog, glad you had such a great time and overcame the few trials and tribulations that popped up.

    I look forward to the next trip…

    1. Hugh

      You should look forward to the next trip, I’m going to be needing a translator. ;)

  2. Terry

    Thanks for the posts, Hugh. It was great to follow you on your adventure. So glad you finally got a proper vacation after too long.

  3. Colum

    Excellent online diary you kept Hugh, very entertaining. An amazing journey

  4. Mike

    Glad I could finally catch up. Thanks for sharing it all!


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