Day 8 – Goeulzin France

Le Chateu Colombier – Goeulzin France

Today I rode more nice country roads through more picturesque French towns.

At one point I almost fell asleep going around a turn in some village or other so I stopped for a couple of cups of coffee where I learned I had missed the Tour de France passing through on the previous day. Merde Alors !

I made it to the village of Goeulzain where I went looking for my Grand parents old house. First I drove directly through the town (which takes about 45 seconds) without spotting it. I remembered that it was near the church so I scanned the horizon and headed toward the spire. I was half way down a small street when I spotted the boulangerie and I knew I was in the right spot. I took a few pictures than made my way to the home of some friends of the family where I was very warmly greeted and provided plenty of nourishment as well as being regaled with stories of my families history.

Merci Monsier est Madame Willoquec for your hospitiality.

Another positive development is I received a message from John Brooks from the WildGuzzi motorcycle forums that though no Guzzi dealers could find the time to really check out the bike he did find an independent Guzzi mechanic who was willing to look at the bike and host me if it needed fixing and would take more than a day to do so. How sweet is that!


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  1. Terry

    Beautiful. And so nice to be treated to a home cooked meal and family stories!


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