Day 9 – Venlo Holland

Day 9

Goeulzin France – Waterloo Belgium – Venlo Holland

After leaving Geoulzin I tried to visit yet another old family friend but not having any success I continued making my way east to the location to one of the most tragic events in human history (screw you Wellington you pomey poltroon and that goes double for you Blucher you Prussian pimple and triple for disabilitating illness (Napoleon spent the battle of Waterloo unconcious laid low by disease which left the Forces of Freedom,Truth, Beauty, and Love under the command of Marshall Ney. History records that Marsahll Ney was an exceptionally brave soldier and also an exceptionallhy bad general. Even so the Forces of Beauty,(etc..) would have overwhelmed the evil redcoats if it hadn’t been for those meddling Prussians <Narrator shakes fist in impotent rage then exits stage right weeping>)).

After shedding a tear over what might have been, I continued heading east. I didn’t take many pictures of the Belgium country side because there doesn’t seem to be any. So I beat feet to the Holland/Netherlands. A country so nice they named it twice. Or so they say. I’ll let you know if it’s  true though my first impressions are very positive.

I actually found a reasonably priced campground. So far camping in Europe has been as expensive as a three star hotel in Buenos Aires. They even had a campfire which I got to sit around with half a dozen of my new Dutch friends.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Amsterdam to see if I can get something to quiet the voices in my head. I swear if another pop culture meme goes bouncing my empty cranium for umpteen hours while I’m riding I’m going to take a flamethrower to the place. Schijt!

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  1. GvG

    Campsites in Eastern Europe and Sweden and Finland are cheaper. Can’t remember if Norway was also cheaper than Western Europe or not.
    The best thing about camping in Scandinavia is that most of the campsites have kitchens with cookware at no extra costs for their guests.


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