Day 10 – Amsterdam Netherlands

Day 10

Veen Netherlands – Amsterdam Netherlands

Riding through the Dutch countryside is mostly excellent except for the ludicrously low speed limits. I’m convinced they post these low speed limits so you’ll think these postage stamp sized countries are bigger than they are.

The good news is I’ve seen very few cops. The bad news is they have plenty of speed cameras positioned everywhere. I suppose they figure if they’re generating their revenue with cameras they can cut down on the manpower. I expect an email from Marin in Ireland any day now letting me know that there has been a bulk delivery of speeding infractions.

Holland is a very neat and orderly country. With tons of bicycles everywhere. It’s disgusting! OTOH I must say the Dutch ladies look quite healthy. It might have something to do with their deviant pedaling lifestyle. Another side effect of all this pedaling is there are no shoulders on the roads making pulling over on the roads to take pictures a bit of a pain.

Anyway after having my gps routing me in circles for a bit over an hour in Utrecht I finally made my way to Amsterdam. Wow, what a madhouse. No Parking and mad amounts of pedalers and pedestrians everywhere. It was also baking hot while it was so chilly for the last few days that I had been wear my thermal top under my jacket. It was so bad that I was ready to say screw it and programmed the gps to take me to the Guzzi Mechanic in Germany. I finally pulled into an ally and noticed it was lined with hotels. I inquired about pricing and motorcycle parking at a few of them until I found one that had what I thought was an American ex-pat hosting the front desk/bar. Turns out he was a Costa Rican but hey we’re all Americans and I can park the bike directly in front of the joint so hopefully it will be there tomorrow.

Anyways it’s time to go find the Little Mermaid. If you’re expecting pictures of the infamous dead eyed girls of Amsterdam I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. Not that I wont go have a look. I am boxer and a fighter by trade after all (metaphorically speaking).

Ugh! There go those voices again. I’ll take care of that right quick. Amsterdam is a very aromatic town.


  1. GvG

    Mermaid? The statue in Copenhagen, Denmark?


      Hey, I’m an American we’re notorious about not knowing anything about other countries and I think this was a good example. :)

  2. Golden Cliff

    Sir, Thank you so much for the awesome photos and very interesting report.

    Have a safe ride and nice summer in Europe.

  3. Dillon

    Have fun looking for that Mermaid. What’s with that orange 4×4 El Camino? To funny.


      As GvG pointed out not only was I in the wrong city but the wrong country! lol

      The El Camino was just one of those random things. It was a business of some sort don’t know what kind though.


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