Day 14 – Augustenbork Denmark

Day 14

Warmsen Germany – Augustenbork Denmark

After getting packed up I rolled out as early as the previous nights festivities allowed. It was a beautiful day, the bike is running great and it felt good to be back on the move.

I stopped for the eveningin the small town of Fynshav or maybe it was Augustenbork around 8:05 which was 5 minutes after everything closed. Fortunately a hotdog stand stayed for a few extra minutes to whip me up some grup. The Danes seem to be very fond of hotdogs that are twice as long as the buns as I’ve seen quite a few of these stands.

The Danes are also crazy over old American cars ( I hear it’s true of all of Scandanavia) and you’ll seem more 60s and 70s American Muscle cars in a day then you would in a month back home.


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