Day 15 – Copenhagen Denmark

Day 15

Augustenbork Denmark – Copenhagen Denmark

It was another beautiful day on the road. The Germans told me that Denmark was going to be flat and boring. I think they might have been pulling my leg. After getting lost early in the day I didn’t make it to Copenhagen until after 6pm. I spent a few frustrating hours trying to find a hotel before giving up and heading to a not so nice campsites outside of town. My opinions of Copenhagen weren’t to high at this point so I used the campsite’s wifi connection to book a hotel for the following night. This will give me a whole day to give the Little Mermaid her due.

As far as I can tell there is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark other than my riding gear so I’ll probably spend half the day in a laundromat. Mmmmm Laundry.

(and the other half updating my blog. My kingdom for a fast internet connection!)


  1. Dillon

    So, how is that camping thing going? How much have you camped and is it what you expected it to be?

  2. Peter H

    After a problem with his bike Hugh made his decision to stay in Skanes Skånes Fagerhult, Skåne Län, Sweden, After fuse chech and new ones installed the bike still was hard to start,we filled it up with new good 98octane fuel still problem, after cheking in on the Ritsy Nostalgi motel room he took another look at the bike and found a lose cord, he then got the Moto Guzzi to start.
    We ate some pizza with Mats and Rita at Ritsy and then we took him on sightzing in the small village of Skånes-Fagerhult and a nice swim in Fedingesjön.
    This morning he started his trip again towards Norway and inbetween that som Swedish cowboys in High Chaparal.
    Good traveling Hugh and may you have bleesed trip thru Europa.

    Thank you Sir for your time and your friendship, we hope you keep us updated on your tour.



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