Day 16 – Copenhagen Denmark

Day 16

Copenhagen Denmark

I’m glad I decided to spend the day in Copenhagen. It’s a very nice city and it really seems dedicated to making the lives of its inhabitants pleasant. The city really deserves more than a single day especially when you spend half of that day doing laundry, then napping, then blogging, then more napping but napping mmmm.

I took yet another boat tour (It seems like I’m spending as much time on boats as my bike when you add in all the ferries) and like the last boat tour my camera battery died halfway through. I should of tried to find a second camera battery while I was here, but naps .

Still with all the laundry, blogging, and napping I still managed to walk over 12 miles today and got to see a few of the many interesting sites the city has to offer.

Since my camera battery died before the canal tour got to the Little Mermaid I’ll head over there first thing in the morning and then point the Guzzi towards Sweden.

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