Day 18 – Charlottenberg Sweden

Day 18

Skanes Fagerhult Sweden – Charlottenberg Sweden

The day started out great with having breakfast at the Ritsy Cafe and having my picture taken for their Facebook page. I said goodbye to Mats and Peter and his family and then headed north to Hillerstorp to take a quick look at Wild Chapparel that Peter had told me about. It a wild west town in the middle of Sweden with Cowboys, Sioux Indians, and a Mexican Town. It was quite the sight to see so I stopped their for lunch where I had another Swedish pizza. I think if Peter had the chance he would spend his whole vacation here. It was pretty cool seeing all the Cowboys walking about but I didn’t come to Europe to relive American history so I left after lunch.

I then made my way to Jonkoping at the bottom of Vaffern lake where I stopped to take some pictures and my bike again refused to start. I wept. Just kidding, I shook my fist in rage and screamed “You <cesored> Italian bastards I’m going to beat the crap out of everyone of you spaghetti bending <censored>” then I wept. Just kidding. I put the choke on full and applied some throttle like I learned yesterday and got the bike fired up. The bike worked great for the rest of the day including multiple restarts until I pulled into camp and then it wouldn’t start again. Arrrrgh!

I’ll try again in the morning.



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