Day 19 – Trondheim Norway

Day 19

Charlottenberg Sweden – Trondheim Norway

I spent last night at a campsight trying to diagnose the problem with my bike. While I found plenty of information on Guzzis with starting issues none of them matched mine. I located a Guzzi dealer only 150 Kilometers away back the way I came and I also located one in Trondheim Norway where I wanted to go.

After I packed up all my camping gear I hit the magic button and the bike started up
immediately. I rode 10 miles west or so into Norway to fill up with gas and the bike again refused to start.

The bike runs great once it starts and I’ve now figured out the trick to get it started so I pointed the bike Northwest towards Trondheim.

The ride to Trondheim was nothing less than beautiful and most of the time it followed a series of lake and streams. I would have stopped to take more pictures but it’s hard to take the time to stop and smell the flowers when you’re afraid of stopping so I basically rode 150 miles without getting off the bike. Stopped for gas and lunch. Coaxed the bike back to life and rode another 100+ miles again without
stopping. This means that most of the pictures are from my Contour Roam helmet cam.

Once the bike starts it runs great so all in all it was a fabulous ride.

I stopped by the address of the Guzzi dealer listed on the Moto Guzzi Noway homepage and it appears to be a Honda dealer. They were closed when I got ther so I’ll go back in the morning to get the full scoop.

It seems to be the consensus of the Wild Guzzi forum that my valves need adjusting and if so I guess it will confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that I am a dumbass and will have to again take back all the horrible things I said about the good folks at Lake Como.

How can I be a Ravens fan and enjoy eating so much crow?

BTW at 1:30AM in Trondheim the skies still haven’t gotten completely dark. Pretty wild.

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