Day 2 – Kinsale Ireland

The major accomplishment today was getting new tires for the bike and having them installed. I also got to take the bike out for the first time today and it’s quite nice. It feels very small and light and generally runs very smoothly though there is a bit of vibration between 4-4.5k rpm.

Riding on the wrong side of the road is not coming naturally though as long as I pay attention it isn’t too bad. I was thinking I was doing pretty well at it and not one minute later I made a right turn into the right hand lane. Ooops.

The speed limits in Ireland are kind of nuts in a good way. There are countless roads which are barely wider than a car and full of blind corners with 80kph (50mph) speed limits. According to a German ex-patriot I was speaking to while I was getting my tires mounted there’s a short pier in Kinsale with a 100kph speed limit. I think they hate the tourists!

Kinsale and the little bit of the surrounding countryside is quite beautiful and I plan on exploring a bit more of Ireland in the next couple of days.


  1. Dillon

    What a nice coincidence meeting someone else going to Martins! The bike looks great Hugh. What happened to Day 2? :-)


      Ummm, I have trouble with counting. This was day 2. I blame jet lag.


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