Day 22 – Glomfjord Norway

Day 22

Vik Norway – Glomfjord Norway

The previous day I had confirmed that my Guzzi could go over two hundred miles on a tank of gas so the  top priority in the morning was filling up at the first available opportunity. I pulled into the first gas station I came across with a car pulling in a few seconds after me. The car driver said “you first” but the card kiosk wasn’t accepting my MasterCard so I said you go ahead and went inside to prepay. I was informed that MasterCard wasn’t working and they didn’t accept cash for gas. I went back outside and said “MasterCard not working” shrugging my shoulders and the car driver said no problem and started filling up my gas tank on his dime. Nice!

I rode coastal road 17 up to Horn to catch then next ferry when two Ducati Superbikes showed up. Followed not long after by a Ducati Mulitstrada. It was practically an Italian bike festival and I struck up a conversation with Bjomar and Geir the two superbike riders. We all rode together to then next ferry which was only about 10 miles away. After that ferry we pulled the classic Tortoise and Hare manuver with Bjomar, Geir, and myself traveling at a rather rapid pace to the next ferry about 40 miles away. Half way there we stopped for a nature brake and waved as the Multistrada went by. When we reached the next ferry we where told it was too full and we would have to wait an hour for the next one while the slow moving Multistrada sailed away. Bjomar was not happy! Geir and I found the situation pretty amusing.

I ended spending the rest of the day riding with Bjomar and Geir. I don’t know how many opportunities you have to fly around the fjords with a couple of competently piloted superbikes from the second best Italian manufacturer but I’ve had one so I chose to take advantage of it. The visibility was pretty poor all day with very low lying grey clouds so it made more sense to make pace while the sun didn’t shine then stop and take countless pictures of grey fjords.

The other event of note was that while we were on the umpteenth ferry of the day the announcement was made that we had crossed the Arctic Circle. Woot!

The Guzzi performed admirably today and I believe I adequately upheld the honor of Lake Como and the boys (and girls) back home.


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