Day 23 – Stamsund Norway

Day 23

Glomford Norway – Stamsund Norway

Today was the day we all danced in the land of the midnight sun.

Bjomar, Geir, and I continued up the coastal road at a leisurely pace to Bodo stopping along the way at the Saltstraumen Nature Preserve to view the worlds largest tidal currents and the whirlpools they create. We ended up catching the 3pm the ferry to Lofoten which I was told I had to visit while I was in Norway. It was a long four hour ferry ride and hopefully the last ferry till I reach Helsinki.

Bjomar and Geir do even less planning than I do which is why we probably travel so well together. We ended up spending hours trying to find a place to sleep before finding a youth hostel in Stamsund. It was past 10:30 in the evening by that time and it appeared I was going be out of luck as far as getting any sustenance (Bjomar and Geir had the foresight to eat on the ferry. I was saving my appetite for what I hoped would be a high quality restaurant Norwegian meal (whatever that is (probably Norwegian Meatballs)  ). Fortunately an elderly gentleman staying at the hostel offerred to share what he had with us which consisted of bread, cheese, butter, and small amount of ham. It was delicious.

We then made our way to the town bar and sat outside where we made the acquaintancen of quite a number of very intoxicated locals and learned that our hostel was rated the best hostel in the world by National Geographic. Sometimes it pays not to have a plan. We stayed until the 3AM closing  (By which time the sky to east was turning a rosy red though it never even got close to getting  dark) and then where invited inside for the after party which was much like the before party except it was indoors with the blinds drawn. Much dancing and merriment followed some of which I believe was recorded and dearly hope never makes it to YouTube. It was a very memorable evening.
Tomorrow I’ll ride with Bjomar and Geir to for a while until they catch a ferry back to the mainland where they’ll start making their way back home and I’ll continue to make my way north.

The Guzzi is still running in fine form since leaving Trondheim.

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  1. Terry

    A shared meal is always the best. Beautiful photos…


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