Day 24 – Narvik Norway

Day 24

Stamsund Norway – North of Narvik Norway

As you might imagine things got to a late start today.

At some point late this morning Geir went out and got some groceries for breakfast which Bjomar cooked  and I ate (I try to do my part).

We left the Hostel around 1:30 in the afternoon after not nearly enough sleep and made our way to a couple of towns which I can’t remember. Bjomar and Geir’s attempt to book ferry passage was the usual comedy of errors but we finally had a chance to get “lunch” around 4:30pm where I bid the two duck riders goodbye.

The plan was to find a campsite early so I could update the blog and get my much needed beauty sleep. Plans being what they are I didn’t stop riding till 10pm. The usual practice is to ride till it starts getting dark and then finding a campground. Of course that doesn’t work to well up here. Night IS supposed to divide the day and it’s really messing with my head. No wonder the Norwegians are so weird.

The Guzzi is still running fine and I’ve completed my blogging duties so I should go hit the sack except I just drank 4 cups of coffee. Hmmm It’s light out, maybe time to go for a ride. Screw that it’s freaking cold out there. This may come as a surprise but it’s pretty chilly in the Arctic.

The next few days I’ll be making haste towards Mehamn Norway and then heading south to warmer and saner climes.

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