USA, Mexico, Central y SurAmerica Moto Adventure

Scheduled: Octobre, 2002 - Abril, 2003 - Bienvenido

Welcome to my Central and South American Touring Homepage!

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Discovery by means of motorcycle can be a most thrilling affair. But you have to ride there first to find it; whatever it is you're looking for. The adventurer sometimes travels far and sometimes no further than needed, but it would be hard to argue that, regardless of the distance traveled, by motorcycle is the only way to go. Just how far one actually has to travel to find whatever one is looking for is a personal and subjective thing to define. It helps to have goal.

Mine is the southern most tip of South America, Ushuaia, Argentina.

These pages will serve as my check in and communication nexus and, hopefully, some vicarious entertainment for those of you that share the adventursome spirit. Here I will post highlights of the trip, cool pictures and any interesting email correspondance I receive.

In addition to my self serving content, There are links below to my travelling companions pages, Hugh and Craig.

Now then, aren't you glad you stopped by?

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